Thursday, February 7, 2008

Project Runway

On the episode that Ricky finally gets eliminated (finally!) he does not cry!!!! How is that even possible? But yes folks, Ricky is gone and all is right with the world again (except Chris won? more on that later).

Last night was bizarre! The contestants had to make costumes for the "Divas" of the WWE. Basically as the judges pointed out they got to make super hero outfits. My first inkling that the whole episode was going to be a little bit like the Twilight Zone was when Tim announced that they were going shopping at Spandex House. Did anyone know that there was even a store named Spandex House? I mean we all knew strippers had clothes but now we know where they get the fabric to make them.

The outfits were fun. Christian's leather and lace number was, in fact, fierce (please someone tell him to stop saying it so much) but I had to agree with the judges that Chris's was the best. It is funny that Chris the costume designer won this challenge but even more so that he is still the only constetant that has been eliminated and come back (I don't count Vincent and Angela because they came back at the end and did not win).

Poor Ricky! When the "Divas" came out in their costumes there was no way that you could deny that Ricky's outfit looked like a bathing suit. This is the first time that I was fairly certain of who was going home before the judges announced it. Sweet P's and Rami's were not great but Ricky's was horrible.

Five more remain and next week is another field trip. When is fashion week anyway? I am ready. How funny was Sweet P and Christian's arm wrestling match? Maybe Christian is actually stronger than he looks. When Michael Kors and Nina Garcia had to judge these outfits with a straight face I almost burst out laughing. You could tell that they were out of their element.

So long to Ricky. We will miss your tears and constant assurances that you are qualified. Good luck! I think that you may have a future in trucker hats!

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Buh-bye "SeƱor Weepy"! Finally!

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