Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lipstick Jungle

I have been looking forward to this show since I read about it in my Entertainment Weekly (yes I subscribe). I read the book a few years ago (another shock I know but I do read a lot actually) and was excited about the concept. I even avoided Cashmere Mafia because I read (again, I read) that Darren Starr had stolen Candace Bushnell's idea and I wanted to see the show that she was attached too. After all of that I must say that I was sorely disappointed in the pilot.

Now I am not giving up yet (I hated the show Chuck in the first two episodes but now I love it). The premise is good; three strong women in New York City (yes like Sex and the City but more powerful) in various stages of relationships trying to be women in a mans world. The men seem to be just afterthoughts but I am hoping that some of the relationships develop further. The character of Nico has just embarked on an affair with a much younger man and that looks promising. I also am interested to see how the relationship progresses between Victory and the billionaire (played by Andrew McCarthy, man he got old). The only one that does not seem real and I am not as interested in is Brooke Shields. She does not look very put together for a studio head. Again this was the pilot so we will see how the show progresses.

I will watch again and try to withhold my final judgment until a few episodes air (if NBC lets it stay on long enough). They do have a tendency to yank shows after only two airings. We will see what happens with this one. In the meantime I think I am going to re-read the book. Just as a refresher.

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