Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Make Me a SuperModel

I went out of town and have just watched last Thursday's episode and I am disappointed. Not with the fact that Katy is gone (it was about time) but with the fact that Ronnie landed in the bottom three again. I thought his picture was good and that he did a good job with the acting thing (not with the runway as much but still).

Basic rundown: Katy got eliminated. This week the models were trying to learn how to convey different emotions in their photos. Perry rocked it (again) as did Holly, Jackie, Ben and I thought Ronnie. Then the models had to team up for their runway walk where they were paired up to act out a certain type (rock stars, snotty, classic etc...). On the runway most were not bad. I thought Casey and Perry were a little over the top and that Stephanie was not good at all (which is why she is up for the vote) but I did not think Ronnie was as bad as the judges said. Anyway, Ronnie, Frankie and Stephanie were all in the bottom three.

We will have to wait until next week to see who is going home. Did anyone else see how Ben lifted up Ronnie when he did not go home? I swear something is going on with those boys. Ronnie looked a little uncomfortable when the models were watching the tapes of their loved ones and Ben's wife came on the screen. So sad that Perry did not have a video to watch. His girlfriend did not sound very convincing over the phone (yeah that will last forever). Is Tyson getting a little personality? Holly has this in the bag I think (or Perry but my money is on Holly). The judges love her!

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