Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Save Friday Night Lights

I love this show!!!! Have I mentioned that I love this show? I watched the final two aired episodes the other night and I almost starting crying when Smash realized that he screwed up his dream (long story and I am not getting into it but you have to see it). Anyway the last few weeks all anyone is talking about is when the shows are coming back now that the strike is over and whether or not NBC is going to renew Friday Night Lights. So here is my plea.....Please NBC, Please Renew this show. It is one of the best on television and although I Tivo and watch (because it is on a stupid night) I do not miss an episode. The acting is terrific, the story lines are great and everything about the camera and production make this show stand out above and beyond other shows. Please, please let us continue to find out what happens to the Taylors, and Matt Saracen, and Smash, and Tyra and Landry, and Tim Riggins and Lyla and so on. These are characters that we can wrap our head around and we want to know what happens next. That is my plea. Maybe, just maybe NBC will listen.

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