Friday, February 8, 2008

The Gauntlet III

So another episode and another night of strange people that I don't really know being sent home. The Gauntlet is starting to shape up as a waste of time but alas I have nothing else to watch so I will soldier through it.

Last night started with Brooke (the fake lesbian) and Ev (the real lesbian) on the couch and Brooke telling Ev that she wished she had a penis. So it was said but Ev did not get too mad. Then on to a girl Gantlet day. The challenge was some water thing where the teams had to wring out clothes. The Veterans won because they had more people and the chosen two were Brooke (surprise? not at all! very uncoordinated) and Jillian (who?). Brooke lost and the goodbye between her and Ev was ridiculously long and kind of stupid. Ev cried, Brooke cried, they kissed and clung to each other. Seemed a little over the top for a butchy lesbian and a girl that is still looking for the right "guy" (yes guy she does not want the right girl).

Following the gauntlet, another surprise awaited everyone when the house had a big, drunk party where everyone hooked up. I know, I know such a shock that that went on in the house.

On to the next day and another challenge. Boy gauntlet day and the challenge was a blindfolded maze. Despite having four less people, the rookies almost lost but they prevailed and finally got to sit out a gauntlet. The veterans did not know how to handle sending someone in and there was fighting and CT yelled (I know another shock, right?). Finally the decision was Evan and Johnny. Evan ended up winning a puzzle (with a lot of help from his team) and Johnny went home.

So on to next week of the Gauntlet challenge and we will see what happens. My Tivo cut off before I could see previews and I am not sure that I care enough to watch what will happen. Oh and I forgot to mention that the Rookies did lose one of their big men when Tyrie decided to go home after he found out his girlfriend was going into surgery. Good for him! I did not mention it because I don't know who Tyrie is.

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