Thursday, February 21, 2008

America's Next Top Model (ANTM) - Cycle 10

Here we go again. 35 hopefuls competing for 13 spaces in a house that has moved back to New York. The Season Premiere of Cycle 10 of my favorite model show was last night. Now I know that Tyra is running out of ideas to get the girls into interviews but the whole prep school thing was weak last night. They also took the theme too far with getting "expelled" and ID photos etc. Must the girls scream every time the J's walk out?

The interviews were a way for each of the models to suck up (as usual) but there were a few stand outs. Anya from Hawaii; where oh where did she get that accent? It is like she has decided to channel Natasha from Cycle 8 and pretend to be Russian (Anya not Natasha). Strange that I have met many people from Hawaii and none of them have ever spoken like that. Marvita is another interesting one. She has already gotten in a fight (shock) and she is one that came back from last season after working on her attitude (aka Tiffany). She looks like a man to me and I see nothing pretty about her at all. We will see how long she lasts. The only other girl that stood out to me was Fatima who was born in Somalia. She has an interesting face but a slight condescending attitude that did not go over very well. Also, she discussed her female circumcision (yuck, I know it happens but how awful) last night so she should stick around for awhile just because she has a story.

Other than that no real standouts among the thirteen in the house. There is the standard plus size model, a weirdo, a dumb blond and a few small town girls who will "never go back". I need a few weeks with the personalities before I can choose a favorite. Tyra, as always, looks good and the J's are as funny as ever. Another cycle, another model who does not become famous. I actually do love the show but mainly for the pure farce of it all. Here's to next week and the first elimination.

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