Friday, February 8, 2008

Make Me a Supermodel

Sweet Jay went home! With the parting words, "I will not go back to being a mechanic," we said goodbye to Sweet Jay and hello to New York Fashion Week. By the way, the irony of the situation is that Sweet Jay's strength was his walk and this week it was all about the walk. No pictures were even taken. Highly upsetting but one must move on.

The models arrived at New York Fashion Week with seats at some of the shows. The used this time to "study" the models and their walks. In fact, it was just liking being in class (yuck, seriously).

So the boys and the girls ended up participating in a show for the week and I must say (sorry girls) the boys smoked the girls! All of the guys looked so natural on the runway (even Casey) and the girls (with the exception of Holly) just did not blend in. I am still trying to figure out the appeal of Katy. She is a cute girl but my goodness she is not up to par with the other models.

At the end of the week the models had a runway show and the final three are Ronnie (no way he is going home, right?), Frankie (aka Fabio) and Katy (again!!!). It has to be Katy this time. It just has to be. The panel continues to tell her that she does not have a model look but everyone continues to vote for her. She does not socialize with everyone in the house, she smokes and eats (a lot) and she just does not have the right look. Come on America, you gave up Sweet Jay for her.

We will see how everyone voted next week (not crazy about the suspense but I keep tuning in). Is Perry getting more and more cocky? Great to see cute Ben have a good week but is he getting more and more feminine right before our eyes? Please, please have Ronnie come back! I am starting to like Jackie less and less. I don't know why, I just am. My goodness I am becoming a model bitch!

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