Monday, May 4, 2009

The Amazing Race - Final Three

I have yet to watch last night's episode of The Amazing Race but have read on other blogs today who is in the final three. Margie and Luke (deaf guy and mom), Tammy and Victor (Asian brother and sister) and Cara and Jaime (friends, cheerleaders and mean girls) all made it to the finale. I also heard a rumor that the reason Lakisha and Jenn (black sisters) did not make it was that they had to use the bathroom. Is this true? I was kind of hoping that they would come back after last weeks pool debacle. Plus I felt that the two sisters received the bad press on the run in with Margie and Luke and I wanted them to prove themselves. But alas it was not meant to be and the sisters were sent packing. Now who am I going to pull for? The cheerleaders have been rude to foreigners all over the world (one of the reasons that people in other countries hate Americans), Margie and Luke seem to be out to prove something all the time and Tammy and Victor are the obvious choice to win and I love an underdog. Oh Mel and Mike I miss you so much....


polkadotoes said...

It may have been exaggerated by editing, but Phil said it came down to seconds on the mat.

Here is the rundown:

Lakisha and Jen left right before Jaime and Cara. They had gotten to the last task first but Jen was going much slower than Cara who was catching up fast to them. They took a little longer to find a cab so their lead was cut shorter. They were both heading to the Pit Stop and Jaime and Cara seemed to get a more aggressive driver while Jen and Lakisha got a more laid back driver. They arrived at the Pit Stop and Jen had been complaining the whole time how she had to pee after drinking so much water. They showed them stoping at a port-a-potty for Jen to go while both teams were searching the grounds for Phil. Jaime and Cara got there first and made the final 3, Jen and Lakisha came soon after and were eliminated. I think it was a mixture of haivng trouble finding a cab, getting a less aggressive one, being dropped of at a potentially further away spot from the mat and then stopping to take a bathroom break on top of it!

If it were me I would have peed my pants running to the mat before I would ever stop to use a bathroom knowing full well the other team was not far behind. Especially if I had fought back to come from behind and complete the U-turn that day there is no way I would take that risk just to use a bathroom no matter how bad I had to go.

I am still in the Margie and Luke camp, I would consider them the underdogs if Margie hadn't been as great as she has. But I think Victor and Tammy are going to take it.

Tivo Mom said...

Thank you so much for the rundown. I cannot get on board with Margie and Luke and I don't know why. She is admirable and so is he but for some reason I am not a fan. I too would have wet my pants (for a million dollars).