Friday, May 8, 2009

The Fashion Show - In Brief

If you want a full recap check out David Dust (here). I just wanted to make a few comments on Bravo's attempt to recreate Project Runway.
  • Isaac Mizrahi is hilarious and such fun to watch. I do like the fact that the show picks a name that most people recognize and can relate to (hello Target).
  • Reco (one of the contestants) looks exactly like JJ Walker from Good Times (just gayer-is that a word). So far he is my fav.
  • Give the judges a room to discuss the contestants in. Lurking in a hallway trying to decide who goes home seems weird and slightly shady.
  • Some of these contestants seem a little strung out. Not sure where Bravo dug them up.
Overall I liked the show. The producers (or Isaac) need to work on a better flow and giving us more personality. Also I need it to not seem so generic (is that the right word). We will see what happens.


frogponder said...

Not Project Runway but much better than nothing at all!!!

David Dust said...

The first episode of any show is always a bit jumbled as they try to introduce everyone, while still moving along the narrative. In addition, we had to learn about the rules, the format and the judges of this brand new show.

Bravo is smart - I bet there will be tweaks in the next few weeks to make it smoother.

Thanks for the mention.


Tivo Mom said...

I know that it will get better. I am just a little impatient.