Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Who will it be?

Who will be the Biggest Loser tonight? Will it be Tara who seemingly can do no wrong and has never lost a weigh in? Helen who is a selfish bitch and sent her daughter home (did I write that)?, Ron who has been gunning for his son to win the entire time? Or Mike, the youngest contestant in Biggest Loser history? Also who is going to take home the "take home" (hee hee) prize? All questions will be answered tonight in an excruciatingly long 3 hour live episode.

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polkadotoes said...

3 HOURS!?! Really? Ugh, this is a time I really wish I had Tivo, then I could just fast forward to all the good stuff. I am thinking it's Mike or Tara. The only question is how much does the audience like Mike, and will they vote him into the final 3? If not, Tara will win for sure.

At home prize I have NO CLUE. So Many people could pull it off, but I want Kristin to win :)