Saturday, May 30, 2009

Final Dream Emmy Ballot

Hopefully after all of this hard work on the part of Michael Ausiello, some way, some how, the Emmy voters will take notice and recognize the shows that deserve it. This final ballot is Best Drama and Best Comedy series. As most of you know I will be pulling for Friday Night Lights and How I Met Your Mother. Feel free to announce who you want on the ballot and to win as well. See the full post here on EW. com.

Best Drama
Big Love (HBO)
Breaking Bad (AMC)
Friday Night Lights (DirecTV/NBC): They shot, they scored their best season since the first. Touchdown!
Mad Men (AMC)
Rescue Me (FX)
The Shield (FX)

Best Comedy
30 Rock (NBC)
The Big Bang Theory (CBS)
Chuck (NBC)
How I Met Your Mother (CBS): The fact that it's never been nominated is -- wait for it -- unacceptable.
The Office (NBC)
Pushing Daisies (ABC)

Tune in to find out who does actually get nominated and for those of us that root for the underdogs...fingers crossed.

1 comment:

Joy said...

Pushing Daisies was canceled. Wasn't Chuck, too? That drives me crazy when they cancel good shows and crap stays on.