Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oprah with Elizabeth Edwards

Did anyone else watch Oprah today? I normally don't watch television in the afternoon (I watch so much at night) but I could not resist checking out Oprah's interview with Elizabeth Edwards (from my home state of North Carolina). Disclosure: I am not and have never been a John Edwards fan. I found him too political and way to "smile the cute smile and all your troubles will go away". However I have admired this woman (Elizabeth) for years. She is smart, resilient (the name of her new book is Resilience), and extremely dedicated to her children. I often wondered what she was doing with a man like John.

The interview today was the first time that Elizabeth has spoken publicly about her husband's affair and the idea that he may be the father of the child that was born to the woman with whom he had an affair (did that make sense?). Anyway, for a woman who has been diagnosed as terminally ill with cancer she looked strong and not healthy but not sick either. The only problem that I had with the interview was that Mrs. Edwards made it seem as if she could forgive her husband the one indiscretion but could not forgive if the affair was ongoing. I don't think I could forgive either one. She also stated that they are working on their marriage and she wanted to "protect" him when he told her. Protect him from pain she said. What about the pain he was causing her?

I was left with a sad, unsettled feeling after the interview was over. Sad for this woman that deserves so much more but has so little time left and even sadder for this man that does not know how much this will hurt and scar his children. I have very little (or none actually) respect for men that cheat but I also loved that Elizabeth Edwards called out the woman for her lack of respect for her marriage.

I know that this is more serious than I usually am but I was affected by the interview and wanted to mention it. On a happier note...tomorrow is Friday! Later taters!


frogponder said...

I'm not sure why she wrote the book. It only highlights the awful man her husband is and he will be all the kids have left when she is gone. All in all, a heart breaking situation. Maybe the older sister will be able to step in as a mature adult who can guide the children to moral behavior that their dad is so utterly lacking in.

Joy said...

I'm glad you wrote about it so we can discuss it. I like her, too, and am so disappointed in him. She deserves better. I'm not sure why she wrote the book and is promoting it, either. Seems as if it would be better to keep all that private the way she has been. We don't have to know everything. Making it so public affects the children in a different way, I'd think.

Tivo Mom said...

I always think that writing things down helps us to understand our issues better. I just don't see how offering it up for public consumption makes anyone feel better. Just an upsetting situation all around.

BethTruta said...

I'm so glad you wrote about this. I was left with a very sad feeling too. She's an amazing woman who is trying to make sense of her life. As for the we think she needs the money?! That house is amazing. are neither of them working? Just a thought. I hope her book helps someone else.

On a lighter note, I work for Northwestern in Evanston, IL and am going to see Zach Gilford (an alum), aka: Matt Saracen, talk this afternoon. I'll report back. All the ladies in the office are going!

Tivo Mom said...

Oh Beth you know how I feel about FNL. Can't wait to hear about it.

BethTruta said...

So Zach Gilford was adorable! He is super cute in person (wore a nice button down). He was speaking on an entertainment panel for Northwestern students that want to write/act in television and film. He was the only actor on the panel with other writers and directors. They showed a clip of FNL and he spoke a little bit about the shows relationship with the writers. I guess the writers just give a skeleton of the plot and then the actor improvise the rest. Pretty amazing when you think about all the scenes that are so moving. He said that they intentionally shy away from melodrama. He didn’t talk much about his co-stars except that they don’t eat carbs (not shocking!) or about season four. Overall, he was cute, humble and thoughtful. Love Saracen!