Friday, May 22, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance - Auditions

Until I get to know the top 20 and decide who I am routing for, the audition process is interesting but hard to dissect. Last night in the search for the next "America's Favorite Dancer" Nigel and co (and I do mean loud as shit Mary Murphy) hit New York and Denver. There was definitely talent (not cry my eyes out talent Mary) and then there were the idiots. Watching Nigel try to be politically correct when critiquing the same sex salsa dancers was hilarious. And then of course there was the girl dressed as cat dancing to Star Wars. I know that so many people in this world want to be famous but "dancing" to the Star Wars theme with light sabers as your props does not make you famous; it makes you stupid (although I am talking about her aren't I)! Next week the judges hit Miami and Nashville (I think) to add even more dancers to the growing number headed to Vegas. Oh and one more thing, weirdo choreographer Sonia does not a judge make. At one point I thought that she was going to have an orgasm at the table over a dancer (not appropriate) and she could not string two words together to articulate her thoughts. Any of the other choreographers are fine. She needs to stick with the dancing.


frogponder said...

I was channel surfing last night and actually landed on this show when the two men were dancing. My heart stopped when they fell. I didn't stick for the critique but read about it online. Ouch and mean. It was interesting to see if I could spot the lead and the partner in their routine. While it may not be to the judge's *taste* I think there is a market for these fellows. Bravo to them for trying out.
(I'm getting sucked into reality tv one show at a time!)

Joy said...

I watched this last season for the first time and was not prepared for that abrasive, obnoxious, screeching laugh of Mary's and that whooping she does. I hate all that. I watched it last night and will watch this season but wish I could block out Mary. Poor Nigel has it really bad!