Monday, May 11, 2009

Saturday Night Live - Justin Timberlake

I know that most of you have probably already seen or discussed this but bear with me I just watched last night. I originally thought that nothing could be funnier than Justin and Andy Samburg singing the now classic "Dick in a Box". I was wrong! Their "new" single entitled "Motherlover" was absolutely hysterical. Not only that, the cameos of Susan Sarandon and Patricia Clarkson just added some substance to the video. If you have not seen the performance yet check it out (here). Let me know what you think.


David Dust said...

Those two could make a video of them tying their shoes, and it would be hysterical.

Justin Trousersnake is at his best on SNL.


Lisa said...

I missed SNL last Saturday night, but I saw the skit online and I thought it was hilarious! I had to watch it twice! SNL is always good when JT is hosting. Next time I will remember to record it!