Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Biggest Sap Fest (I mean Loser)

Sap Fest! Sap Fest! Sap Fest! That was basically all last night's episode of The Biggest Loser was. A lot of "living my life now, "making the right decisions", and "finding the balance" crap was spouted for what was possibly the longest two hours of the season. Let me quit my bitching and give you the rundown.

The night began with all 4 of the contestants heading home for a month. At the end of that month they would have to return to the Ranch for a weigh in to determine the final 3. Everyone had trouble at home. I compare it to an addict (lets face it they are) going home from rehab. Anyway a few days in, each contestants receives a challenge box. They all have to finish a marathon. They had 26 days to train for 26 miles. Helen and Tara ran for a good portion of their marathon. Mike had to walk (he hurt his hip training and was mad as hell) and of course Ron walked (with a cane). All 4 were determined to finish. And all 4 finished. It took Ron a long, long (long, long) time but he completed the 26 miles.

Next up was the weigh in. With the final three on the line both Ron and Mike pulled decent numbers but it was not enough. Both members of the Brown team fell below the yellow line. So now America has to decide if Ron or Mike should compete in the live finale'. Ron of course urged everyone to vote for Mike (Mike has a better chance to win) while Mike said he would be happy with either choice (yeah right).

The finale' is next week and we will find out who is this years Biggest Loser. I can't decide who I want to win...still. I can't stand Helen and every time she speaks I cringe and fast forward. Tara has worked hard I know but she too seems so full of herself. If not for the scheming of his father, Mike seems like a genuinely nice 18 year old with some integrity. And Ron, well what can you say about Ron (the Godfather)? He has played the game, well. Till next week I guess. I am thinking...Go Mike (maybe).


BethTruta said...

At this point, I just want this season to be over. My vote is for Mike b/c he's young and has a real shot at a healthy life. Do we think they'll put Max on next season?

polkadotoes said...

AHHH I am so conlficted!! I like Tara, but agree she is quite arrogant. Though she has some right to be since she was NEVER below the line! Crazy!

Helen, no. Just no. My feelings about her were only compounded when she went home and I saw her success compared to her daughters. Yes she had lost some weight, but she would have benefited much more being on the ranch. Selfish.

Mike I want to root for, but I don't want to give Ron the glory. It's so bad. For me it is like rooting against Jaime and Cara from TAR just because I dislike Jaime so much. Bad by association. As a young person myself who has struggled with weight, not to the extent Mike has though, I feel for him and his desire to help his brother.

Oy vey, it is confusing. We need Mike and Mel back on TAR and we need Kristin back on Biggest Loser to make it easier and more fun for us to root for someone!!

MCWolfe said...

To be truthful, none of them really does much for me. I guess I'm rooting for Tara because even though she's a bit arrogant, she has certainly achieved a lot. Helen is just annoying. For me, the best part of the show was seeing that the hideous Heba seems to have chubbed up again. I REALLY couldn't stand her.

p.s. Found your blog from David Dust and I'm so glad. We seem to follow all the same stuff.

Tivo Mom said...

I agree Polka..I want Mel and Mike and Kristen back. I did notice ole Heba looking a little chunky. I too hated her with a passion. The Brown team needs to somehow help brother Max. Not sure if the show is needed but someone needs to make his health a priority. Welcome MCWolfe...don't all roads lead to David Dust?