Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Biggest Loser - Thank God for Tivo!

The three hours of the live broadcast last night to crown the new Biggest Loser, was quite possibly the longest three hours ever! And to top it off I am pissed about the winners for both prizes! And I hated the way that they made those two poor girls work out and sweat and then only have one make it on the show. What has become of my show?

As most of you know, Helen (former pink team mom/daughter) has won this season of the Biggest Loser. If you remember Helen is the one that chose to send her daughter home and stay on the Ranch (which obviously worked out for her). It seems to me that Helen is a little selfish but what do I know? Plus she did not look that great last night. No seriously, it was almost like she lost too much weight. Being that skinny makes her nose look bigger (did I say that). OK, OK I am bitter (a little). Mike only lost by 4 pounds! 4 Pounds! That's one giant trip to the bathroom. Tara looked really good but it seemed as if she knew she was not going to win.

As for the take home prize, I was rooting for Kristin. I wanted her to win and she deserved it. It was not meant to be. The prize went to Jerry (who was on the Ranch like 2 weeks) who looked too skinny as well. Plus did Jerry seem a little drunk last night to anyone else? He never really said anything, he just flexed his muscles (?). So sad to see that David of the orange team has not lost any more weight. The boy needs help and I hope that he gets it.

All and all a good season of the show, not a great season (because who I wanted to win did not). I still love the show, I am just ready for someone that Bob trains to win (OK not a Heba or Vicky but maybe a Kristin). Later taters.

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MCWolfe said...

I'm with you completely. I just didn't think Helen deserved the win. I would have been fine with either Tara or Mike winning but Helen? I'm not sure how she even made it to the final.

For the at home prize, I was rooting for Nicole. She got booted at the beginning, came back because she lost a ton of weight then got sent home again. But she sure looked great. I was also sorry for the boy on the Orange team. He needs so much help that I can only hope he will get it as a result of the show.

The one really good thing I can say about this season is that there wasn't as much negativity and ugliness as there was last time. Heba and Vicky should have been hung, drawn and quartered for their behavior. It was disgusting and I think it lost a lot of fans.