Friday, May 22, 2009

This is just gross....

Mary Kay Letourneau to Host 'Hot Teacher Night'

I cannot get past the fact that she started their sexual relationship when he was 12. And now they are paying her to host a party at a bar. Even if they are married now the whole thing just gives me the heebie jeebies. See full story here.


David Dust said...

What kills me about this story is the fact that if Mary Kay was a Gay man and had sex with a 12-year-old boy, she would STILL be locked up. And rightfully so.

But because she was an attractive, straight white woman boinking a boy - she is now hosting bar nights for "Hot Teachers".


frogponder said...

Locally we had two teachers arrested for having sexual relations with their students. There are a lot of variables in their stories but the upshot is the gay man went into jail awaiting trial,apologized to his victims and was found guilty and sentenced to additional jail time. The straight man got to stay out on bail for over a year, had one charge dropped and is on probation for the others - even though he doesn't feel he didn't do anything wrong - which makes him a good case to re-offend.

It is easy to remember the line in our teacher handbook. DON'T TOUCH THE STUDENTS!

Jennie said...

The dual standard that David and frogponder pointed out is troubling. Celebrating having an improper sexual relationship with a student? NO WAY.

I'm with you. The whole thing is gross.

Joy said...

What's beyond certifiably crazy nutcase? That's what she is. This is unbelievable.