Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gossip Girl - Flashback?

I was a little disappointed last night with Gossip Girl; not the real time part, the 80's flashback. I had a hard time understanding the point of the flashback (especially if it was not picked up) and the grainy quality did nothing for my eyes.

In New York, circa now, it was Prom! Dan springing Serena from jail to take her to the prom was flirty and fun. Both Serena and Dan seem to have loosened up and having them laugh, joke and insult each other is fun to watch. Even Chuck trying to create the perfect night for Blair (with Nate?) was fairytalish. Blair won Prom Queen because Chuck stuffed the ballot box, and Blair had her dream dress because Chuck destroyed the first one (what resources this guy has). But alas the night was imperfect when Blair and Nate broke up (probably out of total boredom).

As for the flashback, we see Lily in the early 80's dressed in all her preppy splendor trying to track down her sister. Said sister is trying to make it on her own with no help from rich Daddy. Lily gets in trouble at a party (Van der Woosen is throwing the party, Serena and Eric's dad?) and is arrested. Oh and there are major sparks (OK just sparks) between Lily and some guy from the valley. That was it. Does it leave me wanting more, no not really. Oh and for those of you wanting to see No Doubt and their big television performance...yeah they were on screen for less than 3 minutes.

The moral of this story is...Gossip Girl needs to remain in real time. The flashback stuff might be interesting for some but not me. Unless I get to keep the soundtrack. I do love 80's music. Next week graduation with hints of something big; Poppy going to jail, more Georgina, Rufus and Lily's son returning from the dead, or do we finally find out who is Gossip Girl? All possibilities. XOXO

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Kim said...

I must agree, I wasn't too impressed with the whole flashback thing. There was nothing juicy! When are they going to go back to Rufus and Lily's son that could or couldn't be still alive?