Monday, May 4, 2009

The Mother Ship - Nielsen

All my life I have read about the Nielsen Ratings and how this affects our television viewing options. Because of the amount of television I watch I always thought that it would be so cool (sad I know) to be a part of the rating system. Imagine my hope and surprise when I opened my mailbox today and found a card stating that Nielsen was sending a package to my house for a survey. Now I know that this does mean that my opinion would count for anything, and I also know that this card was probably sent to everyone buuuuuut for one brief moment my heart went aflutter and I thought what if? What if I did so well on the survey that Nielsen decided to place a box in my house? What if finally I was able to live the dream of getting paid to watch TV? What if? A girl can dream, right?


frogponder said...

We got one of the diaries to fill out when we had infant twins. Boy, was that skewed from anything normal in our habits!

Anonymous said...

You are a funny gal! ak

Lisa said...

You crack me up, friend!