Thursday, April 3, 2008

America's Next Top Model

Claire is gone? Claire, is gone? How is this even possible? The judges saw more potential in Lauren than they did in Claire? I am going to have to send Tyra a strongly worded email. There is no possible way that Lauren or Dominique (tranny girl) for that matter have more potential than Claire. Here's what happened;

After a couple of girl fights (Lauren seems to have a bit of a temper) the girls headed to their challenge which turned out to be group go-sees. Now go-sees have never been done this early in the competition before but maybe since the show is in New York Tyra wanted everyone to get used to the idea. The first group was Claire, Dominique (tranny girl I can't help it), Whitney and Stacey-Anne. The second group consisted of Fatima, Lauren, Anya and Katarzyna (can anyone pronounce this girls name?). The first group won easily (because Lauren sucks as a walker) and received a photo shoot for Seventeen.

This weeks judging photo shoot was bizarre. The girls had to lie face down on clear plastic, in water, while the photographer took the shot from below. The photos were more artistic than anything else but the effect was fairly interesting. However, I am still trying to understand how, from that vantage point could they possible decide who had the worst shot. And how in the world the worst was Claire. Minus last week, every other picture that Claire has taken has been phenomenal. Do we honestly believe that America's Next Top Model is going to have great pictures but not know how to walk?

Judging was judging. The judges seem to have their favorites (Anya, really?) and I am not sure that Claire's look and attitude did a whole lot to keep her around. So Claire is gone and Lauren sticks around for another week. Paulina said it right when she was describing Lauren's walk as lumbering. I will say that if Dominique the transvestite wins this cycle I will never watch ANTM again! Nice pronouncement, huh? We all know that is a big fat lie but I will be pissed. The girl looks like a man and talks like a man. I just don't see it. I hope that Claire has a career in modeling because I thought she was stunning.

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