Monday, April 21, 2008

The Paper on MTV

The Paper is the newest "reality" show on MTV and I tried to watch the first episode last night. I would like to say "don't bother" but I am a sucker for stupid reality shows that feature young people trying to act much older. The show follows the trials and tribulations of the staff for a high school newspaper (Cypress Bay High)as they work each week to get the latest edition printed and distributed. This first episode was about the selection for the next Editor-in-Chief.

Just to be frank, I cannot stand Amanda. Amanda is the bossy, goody goody who sucks up, stays home on Saturday night to finish her application essay and puts down the rest of the staff because she thinks that they are not as smart as she is. We all knew this girl in high school and she has come back to haunt us. Also, Amanda began the episode singing (contrived anyone?) and ended with a too smug look (over acting on reality television) on her face. Of course Amanda won the Editor post and the rest of the staff hates her. God this is good television.

The other staff members include Alex the managing editor, Gianna the news editor, Adam the advertising editor and Trevor the assistant business manager. Gianna and Trevor are dating and are constantly touching one another throughout their day. Alex is the typical curly haired doofus who loves sports (loves to watch never plays). And then there is Adam. I would bet my wedding ring that if he is not already Adam will come out of the closet. He is bitchy, loud and over dramatic. All the makings of a first class Diva and he is only a junior in high school.

So I watched the first episode and I will try for the second. For anyone who wants to relive the good ole high school days, check it out. Isn't it funny that the hair and clothes change but the actual people (or types there of) do not. We knew these kids in high school. We were these kids in high school. Now we get to laugh at these kids in high school.

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Anonymous said...

This is great! Love the I can catch up on my favorite shows through you...thanks! :)
You area PUBLISHED writer!
BTW~ I am in a "funk" right now and don't know why...maybe budget issues again...LOL!