Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Paper on MTV

As Amanda arrives fashionable late to her first ever staff meeting as Editor in Chief, you know that her dramatics and overbearing attitude are not going to be well received with the other members of the Circuit staff. I watched the first episode of The Paper on MTV and now have watched numbers 2 and 3 (so I am caught up) and I must say this group of high schoolers is hilarious.

This week and last weeks episodes centered around Amanda trying to get a handle on being in charge while Alex (the managing editor) is trying to accept the fact that he is second in command. Only in Florida will a student take the summer vacation to get a nose job; which is what Amanda (Miss dramatic) has done. this girl is too much and when I say too much I mean it. She tapes post-it notes on the wall to get her motivated, she talks to her dog about what the next day will bring, she plans an entire week of outfits and writes notes on them for accessories because "a great outfit is essential to a great attitude" and she throws an ice cream social to bond with the other staffers. The girl is living in la la land. I don't know if she is over acting (reality right?) or if she really is this strange, yet she wonders about not being invited to parties or not being included. She has the affected attitude of someone who feels that they are better and smarter and a sense of entitlement that is brought on by too many people telling her she is great (which she is not).

The most recent episode had Alex come up with a "day in the life" story idea about the football team. He and Dan (another staffer) were going to practice with the football team to write a story about how hard they work. Good idea, right? Well Amanda laughed at him twice. Once in the newspaper room and then she and her posse decided to go out to the practice and laugh again. Yet she cannot understand why Alex won't call her back or invite her to Dan's birthday party.

Next week looks like a mutiny is in the making. Should be interesting to see how the Amanda haters deal with her and a deadline. I think they should sic Adam on her. He is a major Diva (I love it) and I think he could take her. Once again the kids all follow your normal high school stereotypes and yes I have definitely concluded that Amanda is the one that everyone loves to hate.

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Anonymous said...

Loved your blog today!
I'm a Paper Parent (one of those hilarious kids). Just thought I'd let you know we got a kick out of it!
It's funny to see the VERY different opinions on camp AMANDA!