Thursday, April 3, 2008

Should I Stay or Should I Go....

Does anyone remember this song? Should I stay or should I go now, if you stay there will be trouble (and so on something like that). The lyrics are replaying themselves in my head right now. I have a friend who has found out that her husband is cheating on her. I actually think that she has known for awhile but did not want to admit it. Now she is pulling the martyr and has decided to stay "for the children". In fact her exact quote was "I have my kids so I will be fine." My question is, are the kids enough?

I love my children (most of the time) and would do anything for them but would I continue in a trust free loveless marriage, I don't think so. My children are great but they cannot talk to me at the end of a long day about adult things, they cannot go out to dinner with me on Saturday night and have a few drinks, they certainly cannot be intimate with me (gross) and they will not be staying with me their entire lives (God I hope not anyway). Everyone deserves to have someone who loves and respects them. In my opinion if you cheat, you no longer respect. Some people can regain that trust and respect; others just give up but no one should have to stick around and be miserable for the sake of someone else.

I got a little preachy with my friend (I did not mean to) and told her that didn't she want her children to see a happy fulfilled mom as opposed to a mom who is just settling? She had no answer for that. I guess no one really knows how we will react until we are faced with a similar situation. I just hope that I never have to find out. Sorry, got a little serious today. Happens every once in awhile.

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