Sunday, April 6, 2008

Make Me A Supermodel

What a waste this entire hour was. The decision had already been made as to who was to become the "supermodel" and yet they kept us waiting for an hour to make sure to drive the point home. The models had go-sees (can they steal any more ideas from Tyra) to see if they could book jobs (and they were able to). Not only that but we had to watch each of the final four have a reunion (of sorts) with a loved one.

Did anyone else feel very uncomfortable for Ben and his wife? it was like he did not want her in his "new" life and she just seemed awkward and unsure (I think that this calls for a bless her heart). I do not see this marriage lasting at all. Especially after Ben was drooling over the other supermodel earlier in the day.

At least Holly's reunion with her fiancee was heartfelt. She seemed really excited (Holly shows emotion) and happy to see her beloved. He also seemed smitten and agreed to follow her wherever the journey took them. OK, vomit sweet but still sweet.

Poor Ronnie, no beloved only mom. He did seem happy to see his mother and she cried and said all the right things about her son who wants to be a model. Nice to see a mother so supportive of a son's dream and when she was kidding around with Ben's wife about Ronnie and Ben's bromance I was impressed with her acceptance of her son.

Now to the truly awkward (more so than Ben and his wife) moment. Perry's girlfriend arrives amidst the reports of her cheating on him. They whisper to each other, she tells him not to be stupid and like the wave of a wand all is right with the world. First of all, my God Perry, who wears the pants in this relationship? She basically admits she cheated but you accept that without any other explanation. The whole scenario made Perry look like a wuss and honestly made me like him less. Stand up for yourself. Ya'll may have been separated for three months but you did not cheat and you were surrounded by beautiful women.

Moving on (because I could bitch for hours about that one); the final runway show was fine but again a waste of time. Then the announcement came. Shock of all shocks, Perry leaves first. my money was on him all along so I was jolted by this news. Next to leave was Ben. Again a big shock. Everyone was gushing so much about his improvement that I thought he might honestly win. So the final two are Ronnie and Holly? Never saw that coming. I knew that Holly was a possibility (everyone loved her look) but I would have never put Ronnie in the final two. And the winner is.......Holly! OK, I can see it. She was consistent throughout and she will make an excellent model.

Final thoughts..will the show come back? Will we ever see any of these models grace the pages of any magazines we have heard of? What will happen to Perry and his girl (and do we care?)? Will Ben and his wife make it? Will Ronnie ever find love? This was a good show (read good not great). I do wonder if there will be another season. Stay tuned.

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