Friday, April 4, 2008

The Real World Awards Bash

This "bash" was on Wednesday night and I just watched it last night. How old do I feel knowing that The Real World is going into its 20th season? Twenty years! Truthfully I have not watched the show the last 8-10 years. I have tried to get into many of the seasons but so much of the show now is so contrived that I cannot get past the girls kissing other girls because its "cool" and admitting that they are sex addicts.

The awards show was supposed to be a cummulation of the last 20 years before introducing the new Hollywood cast. The awards consisted of categories like; The Biggest Playa, Favorite Love Story, Steamiest Scene (yeah that was Vegas), Best Meltdown and so on. The final award was for Favorite Season. Now you know that only young kids are voting these days because Austin won for favorite season and most of the older fans did not even know that there was a season in Austin. Plus how in the world can Austin beat the first New York (still the first and the best), San Francisco (you may hate Puck but he kept you watching), or even New Orleans (I still love little Melissa).

I will say that it was interesting to see so many familiar faces from the last 19 seasons. I am still addicted to the challenges so every once in awhile an older cast member (Beth) will show up to compete. No matter what anyone says, The Real World is still the beginning of reality television and the first few years of the show were so much fun to watch. I felt as if I had a little trip down memory lane as I watched cast members (most that I did not recognize) get their fish bowl awards. I now feel old and outdated but it was fun to remember my youth. I wonder if that is how some of the older cast members feel?

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