Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How I Met Your Mother (from Monday night)

I knew it! I knew that this was going to happen! Robin has "broken up" Ted and Barney (truth be told Barney was more than willing but still). Damn that Yoko!

After last week when Barney and Robin hooked up I wondered if this would throw a kink into the relationships on the show and by gussy (my grandmother used to say this) it has. Not only that but once again at the end of the episode we get some cryptic statement about how Robin lives in Ted's apartment when he is 31 (the episode was about Ted's 30th birthday). What the hell? So a year from now Robin and Ted are back together. We know that she is not the "mother" so what gives?

As my husband is constantly reminding me, these are not real people. But if you watch the show, you (meaning me) cannot help but get involved with the lives of the characters.

The entire episode, until the very end, was very funny. The flashback to the making of the "Bro Code" (Barney's rules for men and their friends) alone was enough to keep me laughing for a good 15 minutes.

And... up until the end, I felt the writers handled the hook up with a hilarious twist without making it too cheesy and out of character. I just could not handle "sad Barney" at the end. It depressed me (I know I am too involved where are my children).

Will Barney and Ted ever be friends again? Is it over for Barney and Robin or was it a one time thing? And why in 2009 are Robin's towels in Ted's bathroom? All good answer them.

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