Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Barack Obama on The View

I finally watched last week's episode of The View that featured Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama. It was interesting to see the ladies surround Obama on the couch but I had a few issues with the telecast.

1. All of the ladies spent entirely too much time discussing Rev. Wright (Obama's former pastor) and the fact that he made racist statements in some of his sermons (by the way most of these sermons are at least 4 years old).

2. Did anyone else think that Joy Behar looked like she was about to wet herself every time the Senator spoke? She looked so excited to have him there that she could not contain her glee. She was the first to clap when he announced his plan to remove troops from Iraq (he actually never said how) and when he announced the plan to have health care for all Americans (again he never gave the how).

3. I was impressed with Whoopie when she asked her questions. She did not gush but she was not rude. Whoopie was direct and to the point as she asked her questions and I felt that the answers given were well thought out (did he practice ahead of time?).

4. Elisabeth always has to look like the bad guy when a democrat is visiting. Her questions were fine (I guess) but I truly don't care if his "spiritual advisor" said something stupid years ago. She just kept harping on it. Move on Elisabeth to the issues and stop worrying about what the people surrounding the candidates are saying.

5. Barbara is getting more and more ditsy as the years progress. I sometimes wonder if she is actually listening to what is going on or if she is waiting for her cue to let the audience know that the show is going to commercial.

I usually love The View and can handle all of the different personalities but on this particular episode everyone (even Sherrie) got on my nerves. I watch the show a lot, especially when the candidates are on, and I look forward to good solid interviews so that I can get to know the person behind the politician. In this situation it seemed as if all of the ladies were so supportive of Barack Obama they were unable to be impartial. At the end Whoopie made a direct plea to John McCain (on camera) that the ladies wanted to interview him. Now that should be interesting. Do you think Joy will show up with her list of questions or will she just shoot him mean looks the entire show?

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