Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bitter Betty

I have this friend who is absolutely the most bitter person I know. No her name is not Betty but it should be. She cannot get pregnant and has been trying for a few years. Now this girl already has a child but wants another and is mad at the world and beyond that it is not happening.

Please understand that I sympathize with what she is going through (I had a bit of infertility myself) and I am not trying to disregard her pain. However, she does not want anyone else to be happy and she is mean every time she hears that someone else is expecting. Plus this girl has decided to make it her life's work to make everyone else as miserable as she is. Who wants to be around that?

I actually saw this person over the weekend and in the 30 minutes that I spoke with her, not one happy thing came out of her mouth. How can you possibly live like that? Food for thought.

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