Friday, April 4, 2008

Teeth and Money

My oldest child lost his fourth tooth last night. The "tooth fairy" came and left him two dollars on his bedside table. He woke up this morning very excited about his money and announced at breakfast what he was going to buy with his new found wealth. As he was listing all of his new purchases I could see my youngest getting madder and madder about her lack of money. At that point my three year old announced that she was going to "make her teeth fall out because she needed money." At this pronouncement I freaked out. I had all of these mental images of my cute little three year old knocking her own teeth out just to get money to buy new toys. I tried to make her understand that all boys and girls lose their teeth eventually but not until the age of five or six. I also helped her to remember all of the "cool" toys she already had that she never plays with. I am hoping that this will be enough. I still have doubts that she understood but as long as I don't find baby teeth littering the house I will be all right.

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