Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Dance Lessons

My little girl takes dance/ballet (she's 3) every Wednesday. I so wanted her to have more coordination than I did so I have started this dance thing early. Not only does dance (for 1 hour a week) cost $70 a month but we have to pay extra for the recital outfit. Well today we finally got to see what we are paying the extra $250 (I kid you not) for. It is hideous! The outfit is supposed to be a fifties poodle skirt inspired concoction but my goodness I could learn to sew the damn thing for $250. I know, I know why bother if it costs that much and I am bitching about it? How can I look at my child and say, "everyone else in your class will be in the recital but you can't. Oh and by the way you can't have the costume that the instructor made such a big deal about either." I may be bitchy at times but I am not heartless. I have to suck it up, smile and allow her to be in the recital. Oh yeah I forgot to mention, we have to buy tickets to the recital and they cost $20 (at least) for each ticket. I think I need to go into this whole dance studio business. I am definitely missing out on something.

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Anonymous said...

you must post pics. jgl