Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Name is Earl

This is one of the only sitcoms that I still watch and I was sorely disappointed with the episode I watched last night (actually it aired last Thursday, I am just now getting around to it). Earl is now out of prison and mad at Karma for what it has done to his life. He throws the list away and begins to live like he used to. The problem that I have with this philosophy is that as a viewer we have watched Earl come so far, to go back now would make the last few years seem wasteful. Also, in the episode last night (again from Thursday) there was little use of Joy and Darnell (my favorites) and Ralph was back as Earl's ne'er do well friend. It was a little creepy how Ralph was taken such advantage of the little old lady and I am not sure that I found the situation very funny.

The ending was promising with Alyssa Milano returning right as Earl remembers what Karma is all about (but then she gets hit by a car too, how will that be handled). It should be interesting to see if their relationship develops or if they even remember what happened. As always, I am begging for the writers strike to end soon!!!

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