Monday, January 14, 2008

The Amazing Race

Finally!! Jen and Nate are gone. No more yelling, no more pushing, no more sweating (did they sweat a lot or was it just me?), no more fun? Don't get me wrong, I was glad to see the two ultra competitive lovers (were they even that?) go but now I wonder will the finale be any fun. In person, Jen and Nate are probably really nice people but on the show, it was hard to watch the two of them without wincing. The number of times that they told each other that they hated the other or could not stand the other was too numerous to count. I also loved that at the start of each leg they were all kissy and lovey and vowed that this day was their day and they were going to get along (never worked by the way). With them gone the three remaining teams are Don and Nick (grandpa has to keep up), Chris and Ron (who is your Daddy?) and TK and Rachel (Dude!!!).

My money is on TK and Rachel just because of the age of the other groups. The finale next week should be interesting. Is Don the oldest to ever get this far? I can't remember how far Meredith and Gretchen went in their season. I am pulling for Grandpa but after last week calling his grandson his bitch it made me lose just a little bit of respect (not much just a little).

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