Thursday, January 17, 2008

Project Runway

Seriously Ricky is still around and Kit gets the Auf, what in the world is wrong with this picture? Last night the designers in teams of two had to create an Avant-Garde look and an everyday look to go with it. Kit and Ricky were a team and I know it was her "vision" but really, Ricky survives the bottom two again. How is this possible?

In other news, the pairing of Rami and Sweet "P" was not fun. They did not get along and he was a complete ass to her. My question is, at the beginning of the season Sweet"P" said that she had a Mean "P" side, where was that side of her last night? When Rami questioned her ability she cried and I really wanted her to let him have it. Rami is not as great in real life as he is in his own mind!

My favorite twosome last night was of course Christian and Chris. They were hilarious and when Christian did the walk for the models I thought that I was going to choke I was laughing so hard. Who is more flamboyant between the two? Who knows but them together was great and the outfit at the end, especially the Avant-Garde piece, was exquisite.

Victorya is a control freak and it drives me crazy. However, Jillian plays this nice girl passive aggressive game that is also very annoying. They were painful to watch as a team but their outfit was stunning in the end. I liked Kit, I thought she was fun and funky and that some of her other outfits were truly inspired. She will be missed. Ricky has to go soon right? Did he cry last night? I know he cried in the previews for next week but I am not sure if I saw the signature tears last night. Who will be next? I am having a hard time picking my final three.

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