Monday, January 14, 2008

Friday Night Lights

My husband likes to save episodes of Friday Night Lights to watch so that when we do sit down and watch them, we can view two to three episodes at a time. Last night we watched the two most recent episodes, starting with a tornado and ending with Tim Riggins stealing money from his old heroin making roommate.

First, Tim Riggins, not the smartest cookie. When will he ever learn not to push the limits so much. He does look good exercising but my goodness is there anything going on upstairs.

Julie gets on my nerves. All she does is whine about her life, lie to her parents about what she has been doing and run away from Matt. Although, did the coach really not notice how drunk she was when he went in her bedroom and "caught" her and Tim? I am glad that she finally came clean but she does seem to get away with a lot.

Finally, the sister has moved out. I was ready for that storyline to be over. She was an extra person that was not needed and the show did not need another Mrs. Robinson storyline for Tim Riggins.

Questions for the next few episodes (if we get to see them, damn the writers strike). What happened with Landry and Tyra? Will Matt declare his love for the nurse? Where is Jason Street and Lyla Garrity? Was anyone else slightly touched by Buddy Garrity begging (and also slightly grossed out at the same time)? Does anyone else want to kick Smash's new girlfriend in the mouth?

Please end the writers strike soon. We have good shows that need to continue.

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