Friday, January 25, 2008

Make Me a Supermodel

So I breathe a little easier when Ben sticks around for another week (yeah Dominic is gone) and then my other favorite, Jay, is in the bottom three this week. Maybe I am not too good at picking the good ones.

This week was all about chemistry and acting so the models paired up and had a suggestive photo shoot. I am a little concerned about Ben's marriage if he is making statements to Ronnie about getting drunk and hooking up. Poor Ronnie, getting a crush on someone that is not your same sexuality has to be hard but it must be even harder when it looks as if he is getting played. Ben is definitely flirting, I am just not sure what it means.

As for Holly and her lack of chemistry with Frankie. I would not have chemistry with him either. He is a little to "Fabio" (in fact I think this is his new nickname) for me. He is the guy that thinks he is hot, sidles up to you in a bar rubs all over you and thinks this will turn you on. By the way, it does not.

As for the same sex couples, Perry and Casey were hilarious but a little too raunchy for me. I know that it was all in good fun but the lick (yes I said lick) was a bit too much. As for Jackie and Stephanie, they were impressive. I think that it was all Stephanie but they looked good and it did not make me cringe.

Aryn is annoying and I hope that she goes home. Workout with everyone else and don't quit, you are in a competition. I still love Jay, I swear its the accent, and I hope that he does not go home. Maybe Holly needs to lose her virginity to look less like an elf and more like a model. Please, oh please, do not let Ronnie and Ben hook up. Too weird even for Bravo.

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