Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Biggest Loser -Couples

Well last night was a doozy! I never saw the end of the Pink team coming. Here's what happened. The teams selected the yellow team (?) as the team that they wanted gone so the week was about the yellow team versus the other 6 teams. I would have been mad but Kelly and Paul seemed frustrated yet determined. They won the challenge easily but then in a nice guy move gave the other teams their prize (letters from home). They then concocted a plan with a few other teams to throw the weigh-in and take down the black team. Of course it was not going to work, there had to be another wrench in the system. The black team lost the most weight for the week and received immunity so Kelly and Paul could not pick them to go home. The decision then came down to either the Purple team (who worked with the yellow team) or the pink team because these were the teams that put them in this position to begin with. SO after a heartfelt speech the yellow team said goodbye to Bette-Sue and Alli.

By the way, Bette-Sue was pissed. She was mad at the "game" and she and her daughter were very bitter losers. I understood the reasoning behind what Paul and Kelly did and you cannot fault them for playing the game. Bette-Sue had some choice words to say and then they left vowing to be super skinny at the finale.

I must say that now that the pink team is gone, the show loses a little of its personality. I do hope someone will pick up the slack in that department.

Next week will be interesting now that one person on one of the teams will be going home. Did anyone else notice that Bette-Sue was not around much last night? She was not at the challenge at all and we never saw her in the gym working out. Little strange seeing Paul in his Ninja gear but he pulled through in the challenge. Who will be next? Oh and did anyone see the previews of Jillian crying? freaked me out a little! Jillian cries, I don't think so.

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