Thursday, March 6, 2008

Project Runway - The Finale

Deep down I knew. I knew that Christian was going to win yet I still watched last night (in real time with commercials and everything) to see if either Rami or Jillian would beat the upstart 21 year old. As everyone now knows they did not and Christian went home $100,000 richer and with the knowledge that Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham wants to wear his clothes.

Now that the final three were chosen, this the second night of the finale, was back to familiar territory; makeup meetings, hair meetings and model castings. I did feel as if this finale was a little more condensed than any of the other ones only because we never saw a lot of sewing or stressing about hems and notions.

Jillian (of course) found something to stress about when she realized that none of her models looked the same and that her show was going to seem very disjointed (it didn't). She tried to change models at the last minute and was told that this was just not possible. Jillian actually looked miffed (good word for her because she does not get mad or show emotion often) at this point and was pulling her hair out (literally it looked like).

Christian was like a little boy with ADD. He had all kinds of nervous energy and did not seem to know how to direct this energy. When Tim came to get a final look at his collection and stated that it was little over the top (it was) Christian got some of his bravado back and pronounced his collection "fierce" (shock).

I felt like Rami faded into the background at this point. We noticed Jillian stressing and Christian acting oddly freaked out (his swagger disappeared and then came back) but Rami just seemed to offer encouraging words and sew buttons on.

The shows were fantastic! This is absolutely the first time in Project Runway history (of me watching) that all three lines were really, really strong. Jillian was first and most of her looks were very flattering. I was not blown away by the gold "thing" but overall her line was good and I actually (for once) understood her inspiration. Also, just a little shout out to America's Next Top Model winner of Cycle 8, Jaslene. So nice to see one of Tyra's girls actually doing something after the show besides the stupid Cover-Girl commercials.

Next up was Rami and again overall a strong showing. I would agree with Michael Kors that Rami's colors were a little out there but his looks were him (especially the gowns) and he seemed pleased with the end result.

Finally, it was time for the favorite. Christian came out and I totally expected him to strut down the runway himself before the show began (he didn't but he so wanted to). Most of Christian's looks were black and white with the first 5 or 6 looks being all black. Everything was exquisitely made and very much designed to the maximum (therein lies my problem). Not one thing that Christian did was for someone like me. Everything was for a perfect size 0 person (maybe this is why Posh loved it so much) who goes to big events all of the time. Christian did not design for the masses, Christian designed for lifestyles of the rich and famous.

At the judging everyone received their critiques (good and bad across the board). At this point there was no doubt in my mind who the winner was. Posh loved Christian's looks and actually gushed (she showed real emotion and a smile, wow) about his work. He won the money, he won the car (thank you Saturn for the advertising) and he won a new client. I think the boy has made it. The only thing that bothered me at the end was when Christian spoke to the camera and said, "did you ever have any doubts". Everyone saw the amount of work that Jillian and Rami put into their collections and even he had doubts along the way.

So now it is over and us mere mortals have to learn to exist without Project Runway every week. No more Christian pronouncing everything fierce, no more Chris's hyena laugh, no more Rami draping with no shirt and no more Jillian just looking bored. How will I go on? I do hope that Christian makes more of himself than the other three winners. It will be interesting to see where he goes from here. So next week we have Top Chef and some new dance show to check out. How long will we have to wait before Season 5 is upon us?

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