Monday, March 24, 2008

America's Next Top Model

Our guests have finally gone and I can get back to watching my television shows. Last Wednesday on ANTM I found myself getting very frustrated with Marvita and her attitude. I was starting to like her a lot and she just looked ready to quit the entire time.

The rundown: This episode was about posing and of course who better to teach the girls posing but Benny Ninja and Vendela (who? some supermodel supposedly). The girls had a pose-off (I love my terminology sometimes) and the winners received a bunch of free stuff from a "swag" tent. Back to the apartment for a girl fight (this is how it works every week). This week the fight was about a phone schedule and Dominique (the man) missed her phone time because she did not follow the schedule. Now don't blame others for your lack of organization oh little tranny. Dominique proceeded to call Whitney a racist because Whitney told her that she had to pay attention to the schedule. Because that makes you a racist. The photo shoot was all about beauty shots with paint dripping down. Once again Marvita had an attitude and her shot looked awful.

The judging was stimulating as always with Vendela (who?) as the guest judge. The pictures were actually really good and as much as I hate to admit it, Dominique's was actually pretty. The final two were Whitney and Marvita and Marvita went home. I was sad, I was pulling for her just because of her rough life but she made absolutely no effort. As for the rest of the girls, I still like Claire, I like Whitney and I like Stacy-Ann. We'll see what happens. Oh and the judges reamed Fatima for not shaving under her arms (her shot was a beauty pose with her arm up). She announced that she does not shave. Yeah well, if you are going to be paid for your beauty you better shave.

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