Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Biggest Loser-Couples

Last night on The Biggest Loser, I felt like the producers just kept throwing crazy stuff at us and we just watched in hopes that the show would go back to normal. Not only did they bring two people back, but Jillian cursed out Allison Sweeney, two of the girls fell below the yellow line and no one went home because we have to wait until next week (what is this Make Me a Supermodel?).

Lets rewind; the show started with the final six going into a room to see all of their former partners and contestants back. Then the announcement, one woman and one man would return to the ranch based on who lost the most weight overall. If I were one of the final six, I would be pissed. After surviving for this long to then have to go back to the final eight, does not seem fair. After the weigh-in Alli (from the pink team) and Mark (the brother that just left amidst team tears) were added back to the teams.

At this point the Black team breaks down. Brittany has lost it and is wanting to eat constantly (not good for weight loss right). She misses Bernie and does not think that the girls have a chance in hell to win this thing. Jillian yells, tries to use her nice voice and then orders them all to the gym.

The challenge was a big one because it gave the winner two votes at the elimination. Dan beat out Mark for the prize and now it is time for the weigh-in. Allison tries to ask pointed questions to get a feel for where everyone is and directs a question to Brittany about the girls having a chance. Brittany does not think that any of the girls can beat the boys and gets upset. Jillian proceeds to tell Allison to f*** off and to have a f***ing heart for once. Well, well someone seems to be a little miffed that her team is falling apart. You don't yell at the host. I know that she is annoying but she is just doing her job. Allison looked like she was about to cry at this point. Bob just looks like he finds it all rather funny. Did I mention how much I love Bob?

Alli and Mark go first on the scale and both did extremely well (getting back into the Ranch food probably helped) and then the rest of the boys get weighed in. Dan did not do well and if he falls below the yellow line he will not get to use his votes. All that work for naught. On to the girls. Kelly is safe for another week. Brittany only loses two pounds so she is definitely under the yellow line, what about purple girl; no weight lost. She has a big fat goose egg and she and Brittany will be up for elimination. As the teams are leaving Allison does point out that a girl wins the weigh-in for the night. Take that Jillian!

Next up elimination...wait no its commercials and previews for next week. What? Are you telling me after all that I don't even get to know who goes home? I can't wait a week. Damn you Biggest Loser for making me care so much!!!


Nicollette said...

Thanks for your views - it's nice to see what others say. I am sooo proud of Ali! I actually know her and to see that transformation is amazing! I really do think the other black team girls have a defeatist attitude that has caused them to continue to fail themselves. Do I think the boys will continue to do better every week, yes. Do I think women are at a disadvantage because of their body make-ups, menstrual cycles, etc? Yes. But - Brittany, Maggie, and the other girl will not win because they have not convinced themselves enough to just try and try their damnedest.

Mary Ceille Allen said...

You are so right. You can't help but pull for Bob's team because they are so positive. Thanks for keeping up.