Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Gauntlet III

Seriously why don't they just give the money to the Veterans and let everyone go home. The poor little Rookies cannot even win a challenge when the odds are so in their favor it is ridiculous.

Now that MJ is gone (he lost to Frank last week) the Rookie team is destined to lose every single challenge from now on. Although the Veteran boys are so intent on getting rid of their girls that they throw missions (like tonight) and revel in their manlihood. So the mission was thrown (badly by CT) and the plan was to have Ev (by the way she is a guy) go up against Coral so that the Veterans could get rid of the evil Coral (?). But their evil plan was thwarted when Coral quit. Good for her, by the way, for leaving and not being the teams pawn. The Veterans are so intent on getting rid of certain players that they don't see that Coral (I actually remember her that is how old she is) is an asset to the team even with her big mouth. With Coral quitting the evil plan has to backtrack and the team picks Casey (?) to go against Ev. Now everyone knew Ev was going to win (Casey is tiny and a girl) but when she came out and said that everyone (including her) had been looking forward to the gauntlet with Coral I wanted so badly for Casey to win. Ev won, Casey is gone and on to the man challenge.

Now the Veteran men are way to important to throw a man challenge (and why the girls don't throw these challenges is beyond me) so the Veterans win easily and the Rookies have to send Ryan (who?) and Nehemiah (love saying that name) into the gauntlet. Nehemiah (hee hee) wins and Ryan goes home. The Rookies are now down to two boys, Frank (yuck) and Nehemiah (again), and the odds are that the Veterans are going to walk away with this thing. Or are they?

Hear me out. The Veterans are making such a big deal about this final challenge and how it will be so great because of how many people they have but will it? What if the challenge is skewed in the favor of the team with the least amount of members? Although some of the challenges have been and the Rookies still lost. I just feel like the Veterans are way to confidant. Maybe that is just wishful thinking on my part. One other thing; how does Diem deal with her boyfriend (CT) getting rid of girls on purpose?

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