Sunday, March 9, 2008

Make Me A supermodel

Did anyone know that Ben had such an attitude? This week he really showed his ass and I wonder if it is the last week for our gay/straight prison guard.

After "America" sent Frankie home, Ben and Casey headed back to the house and models geared up for live action modeling. The skits seemed a little contrived but I thought Shannon and Perry did well. Ronnie was good, Holly seemed a little bored. The next challenge was wearing and selling the clothes at Bloomingdale's. Ben could not do it because he felt uncomfortable, so he was left in a waiting area while everyone else tried to sell the clothes off their body (literally). I thought Ronnie was a natural and surprisingly Casey did very well. The catwalk was a bit boring with everyone wearing formal clothes (vintage) and not many of the models really stepped it up.

The judges are getting harsher with their critique and I thought Tyson was going to deck Ben when Ben talked back about the Bloomingdale's incident. Obviously Ben is in the final three, as is Casey and Ronnie. Ronnie does not deserve to be in the bottom but hopefully the votes will keep him around. I do think Ben is gone and after being my favorite for a few weeks, I am over him. He didn't even try last week and it just seemed unfair to all those that have been sent home (Ah Sweet Jay).

Nikki made a point of recognizing the girls for how well they did this week; maybe there is some fear that an all boys final is possible. The girls are boring. I agree with the guys on that one. They show very little personality and it is frustrating because most of the guys have an abundance of it. What was up with Perry's girlfriend at the end of the episode? Is she sleeping with the paparazzi, Adnan? She would not say anything and there was only a flash of the article. Now thinking back I should have paused the recording but I did not even think of that. Even Tivo Mom can drop the ball. We'll see how America voted, til then.

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