Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Biggest Loser - Couples

Kind of a crazy night on the biggest loser campus I must say. After Mark left from the Blue team (why is his brother still crying, I mean really) there was a little bit of a regrouping session with Bob as the team prepared to beat the Black team at the weigh-in this week.

First up was the temptation. Just in case anyone ever wants to get me anything, I want a vending machine that spits out gum with money on it. Most players won something (except poor Kelly, she's just sad) whether it was money or a one pound pass for the weigh-in. Everyone played and some ate "bad for you" snacks (yum M&M's) with a high calorie count. Then came the challenge and the Blue Team won the high wire challenge handily. By the way the initial idea behind the zip line looked fun but when I saw that they had to pull themselves up the wire at the end, yeah not fun anymore.

The weigh-in was a little bit of a shock. No more teams, from now on everyone is an individual. Bernie had to save someone and chose Brittany for his immunity win, had he not had that little pass he would still be on the ranch and either Kelly or Brittany would have gone home. With Brittany having immunity Kelly and Bernie fell below the dreaded yellow line and the Blue team voted Bernie off. Obviously this makes the most sense because now it is men vs woman (or not since it is individuals) but Bernie had such a great fun personality he will be missed.

How do you think Brittany feels knowing her partner went home when she was saved by him (by the way I would feel like crap)? Should the money just go to Roger and we can forget the next few weeks? Will a woman ever win this show, ever? How is the purple girl (Maggie, I think) still here?

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