Thursday, March 20, 2008

Miss Guided

Miss Guided is a new show executive produced by Ashton Kutcher. I thought I would check it out because it stars the hilarious Judy Greer (everyone's best friend in movies plus she was on that show Love Monkey that I liked and they pulled after 3 episodes) and it was about going back to high school. I was not disappointed.

The show was cute, funny and somewhat nostalgic about high school days. Judy Greer stars as Becky, a quirky 30 something who is a guidance counselor (get it Miss Guided, God they kill me sometimes) at her high school. She works with a band of characters who are all slightly off and of course there is a crush on the auto shop turned Spanish teacher.

In this particular episode Becky is planning the homecoming dance and is hoping that Tim (the crush) will ask her to go with him. But then Lisa (Brook Burns) shows up and Becky's plans are dashed. Lisa is the darling of high school; homecoming queen, head cheerleader etc. and has returned to teach at their old high school as well. Of course Lisa asks Tim to the dance because Becky cannot get up the nerve and thus inspires a few flashbacks on Becky's dorkiness in high school.

The show is full of those high school stereotypes that we hate but secretly love because we can always recognize ourselves in someone. I will watch again and see where the show goes before I make a final decision to add it to my list. The next episode is Thursday night and Ashton Kutcher is guest starring. Should be cute (by the way that is the perfect word for this show, not great not thought provoking, cute).

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