Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lipstick Jungle

Girl fights, affairs, sex in a closet. This show is getting more campy by the minute. I am not sure if I like it or not but I keep coming back to it week after week. Am I bored or really interested?

This week found Nico and Kirby embarking on a full fledged affair with rules. After Nico witnessed Kirby flirting with a younger woman she pushed for him to date but realized too late she could not handle it. All's well that ends well and the two decided to forget the rules, they really actually like each other. Dumb I know but Kirby is hot with his shirt off so go ahead Nico, sleep with him if you want too. Should be interesting when Nico's husband returns. I still say he is not as perfect as he seems plus he is boring (no excuse to cheat mind you but it is television).

Wendy and Shane seemed to be getting along and Wendy even submitted Shane for a movie soundtrack (who knew he was musical?). He got the job, most likely because he is Wendy's husband, but maybe he will feel less like a stay at home mom and more like a man. We'll see if Wendy can handle him working and if he can handle her critique (because you know there will be one) when his musical score is submitted.

I saved the best for last; Victory finally discovered that someone had stolen her designs (when she saw them in a window) but sweet, sweet (yuck) Victory could not imagine that one of her former employees could do that to her. Well they could and she finally nailed her ex assistant who made up a story and cried to cement the point. This did not work with the new back-boned Victory who confronted the girl at a big fundraiser and, yes you guessed it, there was a girl fight. There is a new investor in Victory's future but some things are too good to be true.

Again, I still have not decided if I like this show or not. The only character that I truly believe is Nico but now that she is lovey-dovey with a 25 year old she has lost a little pizazz. Both Victory and Wendy just seem blah too me but there are little flashes of what may be. Still holding out to see how the show continues. Plus what else do I have to do, most new shows will not be returning for another few weeks.

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