Saturday, March 15, 2008

Make Me A Supermodel

I cannot believe that Casey went home over Ben. Now don't get me wrong, I wanted Ben to stay but with his attitude last week, I truly expected America to not think that he could be a supermodel. Plus the judges loved Casey's "beautiful" face. Oh well, it was not enough to save Casey and he was sent home.

Back at the house the models learn that they are headed for New Orleans for their photo shoot this week but first Tyson needs to talk to Perry. Tyson has brought a copy of the tabloid (The Enquirer) that mentions Perry's girlfriend and Brittany's ex paparazzo boyfriend. Perry is understandably pissed but he harps over the fact that the guy is in his house. For his part Tyson says throw it away but he keeps discussing it. Kind of an awkward moment.

The models then head to New Orleans where they get to do a photo shoot in a cemetery (get to, not really that is creepy). The whole Goth look is good for Ben and he seems to shine (or maybe his stiffness is a good thing here). Perry does well as does Holly. Shannon looks bad and Ronnie is too pretty to carry it off. The models then hook up with a woman who has lost her home and help to build it back via Habitat for Humanity (one of the most amazing non-profits out there). The tears and the "models can do so much more" are a bit much but it is nice to see them doing something for someone else.

The runway show this week is supposed to tell a story and the models have to direct and dress themselves. Awful, is all I can say. The whole runway show is ridiculous and everyone looks dorky. Ben and holly come out of it looking good and Holly wins for the week. There is no bottom three this week, just a bottom two and Shannon and Ronnie are the unlucky ones.

I do hope Ronnie sticks around. Shannon's looks are not my favorite plus I think she is boring. She never seems to have any fun and the waving of the arms in the runway show really made me want to ask her to step off the runway and let Jackie come back (that is how bad I dislike this girl if I want Jackie back). Tune in!

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