Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Lipstick Jungle

OK, I am still liking the show but now I think Andrew McCarthy gets on my nerves. Let me back up.

This week found Nico finally telling her friends about her affair in the wake of the announcement that she is being sued for sexual harassment. Both Victory and Wendy were appalled and judgmental, in that order. Wendy had a big movie premiere and asked Victory to dress one of the stars. The star got drunk, no one saw the dress and then it worked out in the end. The final scene with Nico and Kirby was sweet but seemed a little too neatly packaged but we will have to wait and see what happens with their "relationship" (can you have a relationship with someone who sues you).

The reason that Andrew McCarthy's character gets on my nerves is because he is so predictable. Victory is drunk and says something about spanking and he smirks and says he will spank her; you just knew it was coming. She says something about a bath and he pulls out the bubbles (please). I just feel like they are starting to portray him as a lech who only wants sex. Not very likable.

Other items; the sex scene between Wendy and Shane, more graphic than I expected. I was impressed that NBC let them go that far. Maybe a washing machine can be fun. I believe that Nico's husband is having an affair. I know they have painted the picture of the perfect husband (who ignores her) but leaving early and the messages seem to make me think they are setting us (or him) up for something.

Next week finally shows what happened to Victory's stolen sketches. I hope her assistant now is not stealing too. He amuses me in a way that only a southern gay gentleman can.

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