Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Oprah's Big Give

If you want to cry, watch this show. If you want to feel as if you don't do enough to help others, watch this show. If you want to feel insignificant and lazy, watch this show. If you want to be inspired by people that seem to be selfless, watch this show.

You know its funny, all over the news all we see all day long is how bad it is in the United States. The shootings and the killings, the hunger and the poverty, the people only looking out for number one; if nothing else this show helps to dispute that. Not to get preachy but we should watch this show just for that.

Oprah has picked 10 people to go through a number of challenges to be named the "biggest giver". All ten have a story (of course they do Oprah loves a story) and at the end of the show one of these lucky people will win 1 million dollars (of which the contestants know nothing about). Each week one person gets booted based on evaluations by the three judges Jamie Oliver, Malaak Compton-Rock, and Tony Gonzalez. The basic idea is that each person gets the opportunity to help someone in need and the person who does the least goes home.

The first week saw the contestants in teams of two helping individuals who ranged from a homeless mother of two all the way to a medical student with student loans. Of course Nate Berkus is involved as the host and Oprah is behind the scenes. All of the teams used their resources and fund raising abilities to help these individuals lead a better more productive life. In my opinion the most touching were the recently widowed mother of two trying to pay off her mortgage (her husband was shot at Home Depot) and the homeless mother trying to better her children's life. I will admit that I cried throughout the show (I know who knew I was so emotional) but it was a good cry.

I am actually looking forward to next weeks show and it will be interesting to see who gets the million dollars and what they do with it (will they give it away or keep it).

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