Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Bachelorette - Really??

I did not watch The Bachelor last season. I don't know what led Jason to pick other women over Jillian. I am now certain that Jason picked other women over Jillian because she is so damn dumb. Not to be mean (maybe just a little) but it seems to me that if you hear the same thing from multiple sources (over and over) you have to start thinking that it might actually be true. I honestly think that at this point "Wes has a girlfriend" could be written in the sky and Jillian will "go with her heart" and believe him.

This week consisted of a few hometown dates and more than a few surprises. The date with Reid and his family went well (no major surprise) but Reid might be a little bit of a commitment-phobe (shocking). I loved Michael's family and Jillian seemed to have a great time (again no surprise) but there was no spark when she finally kissed him. Kiptyn's mother is stuck up and thinks her son is perfect (no!!!!) and the Jesse date seemed slightly lackluster and boring (again shocking). Then we arrive in Austin (as does Jake). The Wes date begins with a performance from his band (hmmm) and then Jillian goes back to the hotel. Jake arrives to tell her that Wes has a girlfriend which Wes denies and all is right with the world.

But wait someone else has come to Austin to visit. Yes that is correct Ed has returned. Jillian allows him back into the fold with very little explanation and he heads to he rose ceremony. The 4 remaining roses go to Reid, Kiptyn, Ed and Wes (of course). So my beloved Michael and boring Jesse go home.

Not only does Jillian believe every lie out of Wes's mouth but she also allows Ed to come back after dissing her for his job. This girl almost deserves all the heartache that she has received. How on earth can you be close to 30 years old and still be this naive about men. Next week everyone goes to Spain and I hope to finally say adios (I crack myself up) to Wes. Knowing Jillian, however, Wes will be her final guy and she will always believe that that stupid song (please stop playing it) is really all about her even though the title is Laurel's song (his real girl;friends name). Farewell to Michael. You deserve better.


Eva said...

I was screaming at the TV, "WHAT AN IDIOT!!!" How could she not realize about Wes? The look that he gives at every rose ceremony is that of a preditor stalking it's prey. Hello!!! She has let SO many great guys slip away because of this fixation on Wes.

Tivo Mom said...

I agree totally. It is hard to continue to pull for her when she is so obviously stupid about men.