Thursday, June 18, 2009

SYTYCD - Top 18 How did they do?

I have friends here from North Carolina so this is going to be short and sweet. Last night's dancing was not as wonderful as last week for me. Don't get me wrong some were great! But some couples were not and the disappointing thing was that the ones that seemed to have lost it were favorites for me from last week.

My top 3 this week were...

Melissa and Ade who danced a crazy, f@#cked up "jazz" routine with Sonia (Mohawk weirdo). But I gotta say that the danced was awesome and both Melissa and Ade were amazing in it.

Asuka and Vitolio dancing a waltz were just beautiful. Mary Murphy actually cried (not that big of a deal) but even Lil C was impressed.

Karla and Jonathan danced a contemporary routine and I got chills. They are a beautiful couple and the dancing last night between the two of them was phenomenal.

Honorable mention has to go to Kayla and Max. Their routine was awesome as well but both Jonathan and Karla and Asuka and Viltolio were in the bottom last week and I think that they deserved my top spots for sheer improvement.

Here is the hard part for me. My bottom three are...

Jeanine and Phillip dancing the tango looked awkward and strange. I love Phillip but this dance was not his thing and it showed (over and over).

Caitlin and Jason who were another couple I loved last week just stunk up the stage this week. Their hip-hop number was so out of sync even I could see it and I was disappointed.

Ashley and Kupono also did a hip-hop number this week and again I was disappointed. Ashley was not as bad as Kupono but neither seemed to have the spark that the number needed.

The rest of the couples were in the middle for me. Randi and Evan were not bad doing the jive and Brandon and Janette did a good job with the disco but neither dance stuck out to me as unbelievable. The one nice moment was when Lil C completed Brandon on his dancing (after he was so mean at auditions) and I could see that Brandon was moved.

So any thoughts or comments? Who will be in the bottom tonight? Who is going home? And did I miss one of your favorites?

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Nielle said...

I completely agree with your review! Ade and Melissa, Karla and Jonathan were my favorites this week.

I know they made a big deal about Vitolio and Asuka's dance, but it didn't really move me, though I thought it was visually pleasing.

nice to meet a SYTYCD blogger! :)