Friday, June 5, 2009

The Top 20 - SYTYCD

After two weeks of auditions, and a Vegas week in which we saw very little dancing, the top 20 has been picked. Before I mention any of my favorites, I need to say a few things about the show last night.

1. Mia Michaels is just a bitch. A talented bitch certainly but still; a bitch. My heart went out to Brandon last night when he eagerly awaited the news on whether or not he had finally made it into the top 20 and she decided to once again call him out. She basically let this poor nervous boy know that she did not like his attitude (?), his dancing did not impress her (again ?), and he seemed fake. I thought Mary Murphy was going to climb down the judges table and claw her eyes out. Brandon made the top 20 and let Mia know that he was ready to work with her and prove her wrong (good for him) but I still hated the way she berated him, for the hell of it, one last time.

2. Can you be upset with a company, even if you have never seen a performance? The Miami City Ballet has certainly made a name for itself this morning, and not in a good way. The ballet would not release Alex Wong from his contract, therefore he was unable to be in the top 20. Alex was visibly upset (and rightly so). Either we will see Alex for season 6, or he is destined to be an awesome ballet dancer forever. And he is awesome!!!!

3. I know that it was for television, and it got everyone talking, but I hated the way the final two guys left for the final spot in the 20 were the brothers, Ryan and Evan. I loved them both and their quirky Broadway-esque styles were so fun to watch. Ryan made it, as older brother Evan went home, and I hope that Evan realizes how good he truly is.

As for my favorites in the top 20; and this is hard because quite a few of them had very little screen time. For the guys I like Phillip, Evan, Jason and Tony. These are just the ones that stood out to me with personality plus (this could all change in a week). As for the girls; Kayla (the grandparent thing), and Randi (she was adorable in her unitards) are my ones to watch thus far. Next week will begin the pairings and I am excited to see what the rest can do. God I love this show!

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Mellissa Ribares said...

My husband and I couldn't agree with you more that Mia Michaels is A BITCH! Why ever do they keep her on the show! She says mean, catty things that are so extremely uncalled for! We wish Mary Murphy would have clawed her eyes out!